Passport Power Washing
A Commercial Environmental Friendly Pressure Washing Service.
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Commercial Power Washing
We are an independent environmental compliant company serving commercial and industrial customers. Specializing in emergency spills, commercial power washing & masonry sealing service. Passport complies with the rules and regulations of the clean water act enforced by the EPA & MDE. By utilizing a water reclamation system design by Passport.  The process that PASSPORT utilizes for water reclamation consists of three stages: Reclamation, Recycling, and Disposal. Using a combination of vacuums, booms, and berms, PASSPORT reclaims rinse water which is processed through a series of settling tanks and filtration systems allowing PASSPORT to reuse the same rinse water time after time. As our filters and rinse water become degraded, PASSPORT utilizes approved facilities, properly documenting and disposing of our spent, rinse water. Through these three stages, PASSPORT is able to provide a close looped system that prevents the release of water into the storm water system while also conserving the amount of water utilized to perform the service. Surrounding counties have granted PASSPORT with permits & license to transport & dispose of soiled water.

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